16-23 August 2019
Intercultural Training (16.8.): UHH, Grindelberg 5, R008, 9:00-16:30 | Introduction Course (19.-23.8.), Haus am Schüberg
Europe/Berlin timezone

This SICSS Introduction Course was established 6 years ago to offer you information on all aspects of climate science in general and to introduce you to methods and key questions of all relevant disciplines within the cluster of excellence CLICCS and CEN.

The course is also designed to better introduce you to CLICCS, its scientists and the character of interdisciplinary climate research. Interdisciplinarity forms a key aspect in CLICCS.

Finally, you will have the chance to meet and get familiar with your fellow PhD members who also just started their doctorate within the CEN-SICSS School. You as cohort will spend the next 3-4 years together doing your doctorates! Take this chance to get in contact and start networking! It is on purpose that we do not offer the course as single lectures within the university, but always choose a place a bit outside of Hamburg.

Starts 16 Aug 2019 09:00
Ends 23 Aug 2019 15:00
Intercultural Training (16.8.): UHH, Grindelberg 5, R008, 9:00-16:30 | Introduction Course (19.-23.8.), Haus am Schüberg
Haus am Schüberg, Wulfsdorfer Weg 33, 22949 Ammersbek

By staying overnight in the 'Haus am Schühberg', there will be plenty of time to get to know each other with resepct to your research but also outside the scientific context. Building a sustainable network with your PhD fellows as well as the SICSS office, this will support you throughout your doctoral project and may help you also thorugh more difficult phases of your doctorate.

The intercultural training, which takes place prior to the introduction course, will lay the basis for working in the international and interdisciplinarey context of CLICCS and CEN.

Considering that about one half of our SICSS members come from outside Germany, SICSS is a truly intercultural community with all its chances and challenges. Last but not least, intercultural comptetences are important for a successful scientific career.